CARIBBEING|connection: Shaquanda Will Feed You

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CARIBBEING|connection: Shaquanda Will Feed You

From Shaquandas first appearance at Bushwig in 2013 to now, we are pleased to introduce you to our friend @ShaquandaWillFeedYou. During this month long holiday market experience you can purchase one of his delicious pepper sauces in four flavors: Hot Pepper Sauce, Mx. Green Sass, Oooomami and Spicier Smoke. Let Shaquanda into your home, and in your kitchen, for a performance you will never forget!


CARIBBEING: Describe yourself in 10 words or less?

Shaquanda Will Feed You: Cheerful, dedicated, loyal, insightful, trustworthy, overeater


CARIBBEING: Tell us your story...(How did you get to where you are today)?

Shaquanda Will Feed You: By believing in myself.


CARIBBEING: What is your earliest Caribbean memory?

Shaquanda Will Feed You: Pulling the laundry off the line.


CARIBBEING: What does it mean to you, to be of Caribbean heritage/descent?

Shaquanda Will Feed You: It means an identity and cultural belonging.


CARIBBEING: How do you believe your work is influenced by your Caribbean heritage and where you were born/raised?

Shaquanda Will Feed You: My culinary choices


CARIBBEING: How do you feel your work has impacted the communities that you are apart of? How do your communities support your work?

Shaquanda Will Feed You: My community supports my work and what I do. My work helps queer identity continue to exist


CARIBBEING: What is your favorite Caribbean person/place/thing?

Shaquanda Will Feed You: Bob Marley, Rihanna, roti, and oxtails.


CARIBBEING: What's something most people don't know about you?

Shaquanda Will Feed You: I used to be a double dutch champion


CARIBBEING: What is your favorite Caribbean saying?

Shaquanda Will Feed You: Cheese on Bread!


CARIBBEING: What are you listening to?

Shaquanda Will Feed You: Nina Simone


CARIBBEING: What is the last country you visited or next country you are visiting?

Shaquanda Will Feed You: Barbados or Italy


CARIBBEING: What does caribBEING mean to you?

Shaquanda Will Feed You: Everything

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