Holiday Gift Guide: Shelley V. Worrell

Holiday Gift Guide: Shelley V. Worrell

As 2020 draws to a close and we look forward to brighter days in 2021 (hey Auntie Kamala), I put together a list of some of my personal favorite artisan creators and collectives. Lucky me, as the Founder of Caribbeing, I’ve gotten to meet and own products from everyone listed below with the exception of one. Can you guess which item is on my wishlist?  

Hope you pull up to support these badass creators and get to love them up as much as I do. XO, Shelley 


  1. 84 Gem x Hoops 
  2. Haiti Design Co’s Leather Goods
  3. Nicole Dennis Benn’s Patsy
  4. Mic Urban’s Machete Pendant 


  1. Allan’s Bakery Caribbean Black Cake (Second only to my Mom and Aunties) 
  2. Cantave St. Marc Miel Coffee
  3. Labay Market’s Jackfruit Pickle  
  4. Shaquanda Pepper Sauce


  1. a Life Balanced Sorrel Body Butter
  2. Golden Flourish’s Bush T
  3. Holistic Heights 3-IN-1 Oil 
  4. Perry Boyce Candle