DWARE: Exfoliating Bath Sponge

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The DWARE exfoliating bath sponge will be the most valuable tool in your body care arsenal.

Our intricately knotted bath sponge is 💯 nylon and imported from Ghana, West Africa.  When used with bar soap🧼 or body wash, our exfoliating bath sponge creates a rich, thick lather and gently exfoliates the body. 

At approx. 46in. long and 18in. wide, the DWARE exfoliating bath sponge is the ideal tool to thoroughly clean🫧 your body, especially hard-to-reach areas like your back.  Our bath sponge dries quickly, is great for traveling, and lasts for 18 -24 months.

Anyone can use the DWARE exfoliating bath sponge to turn their basic bath or shower into a luxurious experience.  

🧽Hand wash before your first use.
🧽Wet skin and lather with bar soap or body wash.
🧽Scrunch the sponge and wash your skin as you would with a washcloth.
🧽To clean your back, grab both ends of the sponge and move it across your back. from side-to-side.
🧽Hang up to dry.

Machine washable.
Line dry or dry on low heat.

Caution: Do not use on sensitive, broken, or damaged skin.