CARIBBEING|connection: Breukelen Rub

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CARIBBEING|connection: Breukelen Rub

Made in Brooklyn and family owned, we are pleased to introduce you to our friend @breukelen_rub. For the entire month of December you can purchase artisanal spice blends to bring flavor to some of your favorite meals!

CARIBBEING: Describe yourself in 10 words or less?

Breukelen Rub: I am Bronx-born Puerto Rican business woman.


CARIBBEING: Tell us your story...(How did you get to where you are today)?

Breukelen Rub: I have worked in both non-profit and for profit industries before creating Breukelen Rub with my husband. We leaned into his vast culinary knowledge and my business know-how to create a family business. We started with no capital or a following and have grown the business one bottle at a time.


CARIBBEING: What is your earliest Caribbean memory?

Breukelen Rub: The smell of sofrito and tomato paste, the base of ever meal and the most intoxicating smell to fill a household.


CARIBBEING: What does it mean to you, to be of Caribbean heritage/descent?

Breukelen Rub: Being of Caribbean defines who I am, my rich culture and heritage. As a Puerto Rican, we acknowledge in the most absolute way the fact that we exist. Pa que lo sepa!


CARIBBEING: How do you believe your work is influenced by your Caribbean heritage and where you were born/raised?

Breukelen Rub: In my family, we gather at our matriarch's home. My abuelita, the back bone of my family. Our seasoning Abuela's Adobo is not only named after her but also defines who I am. Grand-daughter to Catalina Rivera, her mixture of entrepreneurship and personal strength.


CARIBBEING: How do you feel your work has impacted the communities that you are apart of?  How do your communities support your work?  

Breukelen Rub: We are small but we aim to use our platform to positively impact our community. Through fruitful collaborations we have been able to work with various Brooklyn communities such and Brownsville and Little Caribbean to support food diplomacy.


CARIBBEING: What is your favorite Caribbean person/place/thing?

Breukelen Rub: My favorite Caribbean person and hero is my late uncle, "Frenchie". He was a Young Lord and did a lot mobilizing the communities of the South Bronx. He was also part of a coup which draped the PR flag over the statue of Liberty's face.


CARIBBEING: What's something most people don't know about you?

Breukelen Rub: I cry like a baby at sad movies.


CARIBBEING: What is your favorite Caribbean saying?

Breukelen Rub: Es o no dad said this all the time.


CARIBBEING: What are you listening to?

Breukelen Rub: Bad Bunny and Lizzo


CARIBBEING: What is the last country you visited or next country you are visiting?  

Breukelen Rub: I visited Jamaica last and hope to go to Hawaii (not a country) next.


CARIBBEING: What does caribBEING mean to you?

Breukelen Rub: To be a physical manifestation of a melange of cultures, languages and belief systems.


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